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The Expert Debate: Is Hannah Storm Hot?

T-Mike vs. The White Mamba

The Experts:  T-Mike  vs.  The White Mamba

The Subject: Is Hannah Storm, Sportscenter’s AM host and Josh Elliot counterpart, hot?  T-Mike will take the pro while The White Mamba takes the con.  Game on gentlemen.

The Background: The Storm, who joined ESPN in 2008, had a lengthy career before coming to the Worldwide Leader.  She was the first woman anchor to ever host CNN Sports Tonight in 1989, then went to NBC Sports until 2002 when she switched to CBS to host The Early Show.  She currently is the 19th ranked SCA, and falls into The Robert Flores-like trap of trying too hard to be funny during the show when she clearly is not funny.  She is nicer to look at than any of the other guys on SC like Josh Elliot or John Buccigross or Chris McKendry.  So, is The Storm hot or not?

Hannah StormT-Mike: Being that 99 percent of sports watchers are dudes (not based on historical data), sports programming took a step before the turn of this century when they added attractive sideline reporters to give us updates on news, injuries, and whatever else we needed. Anyone remember the days of Jill Arrington and Melissa Stark?

Where is the love for Hannah Storm? Sure, she’s not one of the best anchors, but she does a good enough job while providing the appropriate eye candy to the rest of us guys. How many of you realize that she finished third to Arrington and Stark respectively in the Playboy 2001 poll asking us who we wanted to see in the magazine (Arrington turned down the $1 million dollar offer from the Hef)?

Hannah Storm is a hot 47 year old PTA mom – and she only got hotter as time went on. She aged well like a fine wine. I can only hope that my (future) wife looks that good at that age. And yeah, I know she looks like she’s 75 pounds; better than being 75 pounds overweight like Holly Rowe. And she doesn’t look like she’s M. Night Shamalyan’s twin brother turned sex change (HELLLLLO CINDY BRUNSON!). My only gripe is that I’ve got to make sure Hannah quits removing the fabric from my grandmother’s couches and passing them off as her own wardrobe. Other than that, she’s the running mate to Erin Andrews presidency.

This one’s to you, Hannah. Keep up the hot mom look.

The White Mamba: “The camera adds 10 pounds.”  This is what you always here about people who are on TV.  Being on camera makes you look 10 pounds heavier than you actually are.  This would mean that Hannah Storm is pushing about 60 pounds soaking wet (and Sage Steele might actually just be a cardboard cut-out).  I’m sorry Hannah but there is no reason you can’t sneak into Chris Berman’s dressing room and take something off the buffet spread he makes his servants keep fully stocked.  There’s strike one.

hannah and erinStrike two: Hannah Storm is only hot relative to her environment.  Kind of like if she was in the army or the WNBA.  But just because I’m used to looking at Kevin Neghandi all day doesn’t mean I will have a tainted perception of how hot The Storm actually is.  She is 47 years old, she has really good posture (which can never be trusted), and she looks better now than she did when she was 30.  Strikes three, four, and five.  Put her in a lineup next to Erin Andrews, Rachel Nichols, Wendi Nix, Suzy Kolber, and Mike Greenberg and she would come in last everytime.  Unless you are into the whole Hillary Swank thing, I don’t find much reason to think The Storm is anything more than another female anchor.  Next to a goddess like EA, she disappears.  Next to Josh Elliot, she’s not half bad.  Unfortunately that’s not enough to claim “hot” status.  Sorry T-Mike, and sorry Hannah, but no dice.

  1. The Polar Bear
    August 13, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    I think there’s a few good points on both sides here. Storm can go the distance, she’s been around since ’99, maybe we don’t give her mad love here, but she’s employed for a reason. Let’s see if Sage Steele is around in 2015. But mamba, relativity should count for something in this context, unless you are reading the 1998 Girls of the ACC edition of playboy, is it unreasonable to derive pleasure from seeing Storm at 9am each morning. To comment on the EA comparison, nobody cares whether or not EA actually has talent, we want to see her (only through a hotel peephole if there is no chance of jailtime) because of her loooks. For me if Storm actually upped her game a little bit, I’d enjoy watching her all that much more.

  2. T-Mike
    August 13, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    In fairness (and I made a comment about it), we all know EA is best. Comparisons of EA and The Storm shouldn’t happen. Everyone knows who wins that.

  3. SIBI G
    August 13, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    You said The Storm is 60 lbs. wet. Does that mean that me and her weigh exactly the same during a wet T-shirt contest?

  4. The Boss
    August 16, 2009 at 4:32 am

    We have to keep in mind that a big percentage of the show is simply being narrated by the anchors, it’s not just on-camera shots. Now, you certainly shouldn’t put ugly people out there (which begs the question, why in the name of Rich Eisen does Dari Nowkah have a job?), but looks aren’t EVERYTHING in an anchor. The Storm isn’t my favorite anchor talent-wise, but the aforementioned Theory of Relativity explains why I sometimes find myself picturing her delivering the highlights in very little clothing. The Theory of Being Straight explains why this happens to me every time I see EA.

  5. Dialtone
    November 26, 2009 at 2:12 am

    Hannah Storm has something very few – in any TV genre – has: genuineness & joy.

    Her inner beauty that comes through is so strong you can tell she is at total peace with herself. I am convinced she is capable of anything in broadcasting. She could blow Katie Couric’s doors, be just as happy – yet, genuinely so – , smart, interesting and be nice to everybody, not condescending or elitist. Her recall and sports knowledge is impressive, as is her ability to think-on-her-feet.

    I am sure she is the same person off-camera (though I can be conned…) Still, her husband & kids are truly blessed.

    She is my new favorite! Suzi Kolber close 2nd, fav sideline ‘girl’. (No disrespect, Suzi! As if…..) And EA is strong, as is every ESPN girl. They’re not bimbo’s anymore. They know a hell of a lot more about sports than I do.

  6. December 12, 2009 at 3:37 am

    Great, I did not heard about this topic up to now. Thankz!

  7. Mark M
    January 4, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Erin Andrews is SOOOOOOOO overrated. I wouldn’t look into her hotel room if the hole was 3 feet wide. She probably staged the whole “controversy” herself. Her “mane”, spread out all over her shoulders in the front, looks absolutely ridiculous.
    Hannah Storm is a 47 year old beauty. We should all hope our wives look like that at 47. I’d take her over EA any day.

  8. Ty C
    February 13, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Hannah has grown on me since she started at SC. I happen to think she is too skinny, but the clothes she wears look good on her. She is definitely not the hottest lady anchor on SC. That honor goes to Cindy Brunson, in my humble opinion. Erin Andrews is the most beautiful thing roaming the sidelines at college football games these days. Reschia Candidate and Sage Steele are two standouts.

  9. Rory
    March 18, 2010 at 1:00 am

    OMG, Hannah Storm is sooo much hotter than Erin Andrews!

  10. Brian T. Bolten
    September 29, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Hannah Storm is THE HOTTEST BABE ON ESPN or ANY OTHER NETWORK!! I like Erin Andrews very well, and of course that F**KING LOW-LIFE who spied on her THROUGH A PEEP HOLE would very
    much deserve to have his balls cut off if he had any – which he obviously does not. But to my
    mind, Hannah Storm is SSSSOOOOO HOT, and ssssooooo smart!! It IS her 47 years that make her
    so!! Women ALWAYS look better in their 40’s and beyond!!! LLLLLLLOOOOOOVE HANNAH!!!

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