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It’s SVP’s Boat, We’re All Just Sailing On It

August 13, 2009 2 comments

For the second straight week, Scott Van Pelt tops the Anchor Rankings by a healthy margin.  Despite butchering JohnSVP Arne Riise’s name in a Norwegian Futbol highlight right before the release of this week’s rankings, SVP delivered another flawless week of highlights, increasing his Highlight Percentage and his VORA (Value Over Replacement Anchor).  The Pelt is getting into The Pujols Zone, with an almost consensus #1 ranking from The Experts.  There is some speculation on whether SVP’s performance is all-natural, and it’s a shame with the state of the game right now that we can’t be sure he’s not being enhanced in some unnatural way.  Either way, SVP is at the top of his game right now, and he leads off this week’s Rankings.

1. Scott Van Pelt     SCAR: 0.95076     Last Week: 1

2. John Anderson     SCAR: 0.84091     Last Week: 3 (+1)

3. Neil Everett     SCAR: 0.83712     Last Week: 2 (-1)

4. Mike Greenberg     SCAR: 0.77273     Last Week: 5  (+1)

5. Stuart Scott     SCAR: 0.72727     Last Week: 4  (-1)

6. Brian Kenny     SCAR: 0.71970     Last Week: 6

7. Matt Winer     SCAR: 0.67045     Last Week: 10 (+3)

Matt Winer

Winer moved up three spots last week to solidify himself in the top 10.  His consistency and Highlight      Percentage are among the best, and he has been getting a lot more PT in the last couple weeks.  This  Misssouri Tiger who joined ESPN in 2001 is usually known for his gig hosting NBA Fastbreak, but he’s now busy making a name for himself as a top anchor.

8. Steve Levy     SCAR: 0.66667     Last Week: 8

9. Rece Davis     SCAR: 0.65530     Last Week: 11  (+2)

10. Jay Harris     SCAR: 0.65151     Last Week: 9  (-1)

11. John Buccigross     SCAR: 0.64015     Last Week: 14 (+3)

John Buccigross

John Buccigross made a move last week as well, shooting up three spots to #11.  Bucc is representing the  old guard on SC, as this is his 13th year at ESPN.  Originally an ESPNNews anchor and host of the now  defunct NHL2Night, Bucc is making a comeback on the big show this year.  Not all of his jokes hit  quite as easily as some other SCAs, but the effort and accuracy is always there.

12. Stan Verrett     SCAR: 0.63636    Last Week: 7  (-5)

13. Trey Wingo     SCAR: 0.60227     Last Week: 12  (-1)

14. Linda Cohn     SCAR: 0.57196     Last Week: 13  (-1)

15. Karl Ravech     SCAR: 0.52652     Last Week: 15

16. Steve Berthiuame     SCAR: 0.47727     Last Week: 16

17. Josh Elliot     SCAR: 0.43940     Last Week: 21 (+5)

Josh Elliot

The biggest mover of the week is Sportscenter AM host Josh Elliot, who jumped five spots to #17.  It’s  taken America and The Experts a while to warm to Josh, but his arrogant undertones and pisspoor give  and take with The Storm have been dwindling of late, and his knowledge and ability has been able to show  through.  Seemingly the biggest futbol fan of all the SCAs, it’s a nice touch to have a little extra knowledge  in a usually dense world of SC futbol highlights.  Josh still has a long way to go, but all the tools are there.  If he figures it out, the top ten is not out of the question.

18. David Lloyd     SCAR: 0.43561    Last Week: 17  (-1)

19. Hannah Storm     SCAR: o.41667     Last Week: 18  (-1)

20. Chris McKendry     SCAR: 0.39015     Last Week: 22 (+2)

21. Michael Kim     SCAR: 0.38636     Last Week: 19  (-2)

22. Dari Nowkah     SCAR: 0.36742     Last Week: 24 (+2)

23. Steve Bunin     SCAR: 0.36363     Last Week: 25  (+2)

24. Jonathan Coachman     SCAR: 0.35985     Last Week: 20  (-4)

25. Kevin Neghandi     SCAR: 0.35606     Last Week: 23  (-2)

*Others recieving votes: Sage Steele 0.31439, Michelle Bonner 0.29167, Robert Flores 0.25758, Cindy Brunson 0.23106


Van Pelt Tops First Sporstcenter Anchor Rankings

After an intense preseason process, hours of research, and putting all the numbers into the system, Scott Van Pelt came out well on top of our first official SCA Rankings.  Here is how the first enstallment shook out, including a little bit about the #1 Sportscenter Anchor:


1. Scott Van Pelt     SCAR: 0.94175

Standing at 6’6”, SVP literally towers over the rest of his SCA competition, and proved his vertical and highlight prowess by sweeping our expert’s first place votes and putting .13 SCAR Points between himself and second place.  SVP’s charisma and creativity has finally been recognized as he has clearly established himself as one of ESPN’s newest renaissance men.  A gig with Mike Tirico has turned into The Scott Van Pelt Show, which debuted two weeks ago and is currently doing the radio/tv split a la Mike and Mike.

SVP is incredibly consistent with his highlights, and his effortless enjoyment translates into an entertaining Sportscenter no matter who he is working with.  He posesses the qualities of many of the greats, and has put his name in the conversation with the likes of Craig Kilborn, Keith Olberman, Chris Berman, and Dan Patrick.

His friendship with Eldrich Tiger Woods has been parlayed into a gig on Tiger 2010, and his crossover success should continue to grow.  As good as he has gotten, he comes in at #1 because of his ability to still come across as a down to earth guy.  For all the praise we’ve given SVP, if you haven’t ever heard the legendary voice mail he once left a lost love, I suggest you check it out here (  Enjoy.

2. Neil Everett     SCAR: 0.81068

3. John Anderson     SCAR: 0.79612

4. Stuart Scott     SCAR: 0.77184

5. Mike Greenberg     SCAR: 0.75243

6. Brian Kenny     SCAR: 0.70875

7. Stan Verrett     SCAR: 0.70874

8. Steve Levy     SCAR: 0.65535

9. Jay Harris     SCAR: 0.65534

10. Matt Winer     SCAR: 0.64563

11. Rece Davis     SCAR: 0.63107

12. Trey Wingo     SCAR: 0.60680

13. Linda Cohn     SCAR: 0.59709

14. John Buccigros     SCAR: 0.56796

15. Karl Ravech     SCAR: 0.53398

16. Steve Berthiuame     SCAR: 0.45631

17. David Lloyd     SCAR: 0.44175

18. Hannah Storm     SCAR: o.44174

19. Michael Kim     SCAR: 0.41263

20. Jonathan Coachman     SCAR: 0.41262

21. Josh Elliot     SCAR: 0.40777

22. Chris McKendry     SCAR: 0.39806

23. Kevin Neghandi     SCAR: 0.39320

24. Dari Nowkah     SCAR: 0.38835

25. Steve Bunin     SCAR: 0.38349

*Others recieving votes: Michelle Bonner 0.34467, Sage Steele 0.32524, Robert Flores 0.29126, Cindy Brunson 0.26214