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Daytime Sportscenter Turns 1

August 12, 2009 1 comment

Josh and Hanna

Yesterday was a birthday of sorts for SC, as the daytime portion of the show celebrated it’s one-year anniversary.   Originally aired on August 11, 2008, the daytime edition runs from 9am-12pm and has given us the not-so-dynamic duos of Storm-Elliot and Flores-Steele.  Every once and a while we even get a Superhero-sounding, female empowerment tandem of Storm and Steele; luckily those occasions are few and far between.

Lack of  charisma and painfully awkward Robert Flores jokes aside, the simple revelation of Daytime Sportscenter has been a blessing in disguise.  When ESPN was attempting to crack the morning show market, we were forced to endure a gauntlet of Kit Hoover, Thea Andrews, Leslie Maxie, Dana Jacobsen, and of course the wonderful Skip Bayless on Cold Pizza, which evolved into First Take.  Both are completely useless when you could show a perfectly good episode of SC.  ESPN figured this out and we now get three more hours of  highlights, despite having the 18th, 21st, 27th, and 28th ranked anchors.

Happy B-Day Daytime SC.  Keep on…keep truckin.


Don’t worry Neil, they’re coming…

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