The SCAR Formula


Getting the SCAR Formula is an incredibly scientific process that uses algorithms from String Theory and Quantum Mechanics.  The structure of the formula is much like Jenga, where if any one wrong move is made the entire thing comes crumbling down.

Years of research and Sportscenter knowledge from The Experts have gone into the Formula, which unequivocally comes up with the best Anchors.

The SCAR has been compared to the BCS by many experts, which is somewhat accurate.  The SCAR is exactly like the BCS except it’s not wrong all the time.  In fact, the SCAR is more of a proven theory than a formula, which is why it has taken this long to emerge.

The SCAR takes into account the rankings of all The Experts, which are considered along with three computer rankings.  SCAs are given numbers by our computers based on their performance  from a week-to-week basis.

Things that are considered:

–          Number of Appearances.

–          Primetime Shows (the morning show, the 6, and the 11)

–          Commercial Performances

–          Charisma

–          Wit/Humor

–          Swag

–          Creatitvity

–          Originality

–          Consistency

–          Highlight Percentage

  • A unique formula within itself where a computer analyzes each highlight given by an SCA and calculates whether it was successful or not.  Dan Patrick holds the Career Highlight Percentage mark at 91.45%.  More information on this statistic will be revealed in the future of SCA Rankings.
  • Dan Patrick


Patrick delivered 91.54% of his highlights successfully during his time on SC.


–          Attire

–          Interviews/Exclusives

–          Opening and Closing

–          VORA

  • Much like VORP (Value Over Replacement Player), VORA (Value Over Replacement Anchor) is the computer calculation of the difference of one anchor if he or she was replaced by someone else on a given show.

–          Non-Sportscenter Work

The entire SCAR Formula, much like the KFC Recipe, cannot be revealed in its entirety or our chicken franchise would be rendered obsolete.  The Experts evaluate everything from week to week and input the data into the computers, and that is how the SCAR Formula is calculated.

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